Wind Beneath My Wings: Baskin Suite

When amy husband, Sidney Meyrowitz, began suffering the early effects of Alzheimer’s disease, I began making drawings that helped me deal with a complicated mix of emotions. Wind Beneath My Wings: Baskin Suite is an emotional record of the pain I experienced when my beloved husband succumbed to his illness. One night, I had dreamed of the song “Wing Beneath My Wings” and that became an inspiration for the series.

Baskin Suite pays homage to artist Leonard Baskin’s portraits of raptors and the transvergence he achieved between human and animal worlds with a mythic reality.

I was given an unexpected gift. Through my art, I worked through the anger and self-pity that can beset a caregiver, to find once again the love, understanding, and compassion that I thought I had lost. I learned what it means to be truly present for someone you love.

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